Golden Shaker 2019


The Golden Shaker is the first event of its kind in the city. An opportunity to showcase your abilities and claim the title of best bartender in the city. Our 3 round judged competition will push you to the limits and test your skills, creativity and attention to detail.


The judged competition will include 3 rounds as followed:

1st round – Feature Cocktail

Each bartender will have his own mini bar on our rooftop where he will make his signature cocktail. Guests will be able to sample the cocktail, and judges will go around to judge each cocktail being prepared by each bartender.

2nd round – Black Box Cocktail

Each bartender will pick a random cocktail from our mystery box and will prepare it in front of the crowd at the main bar.

3rd round – Mystery Ingredient

Each bartender will pick a mystery ingredient from our black box and feature this ingredient in a cocktail prepared at the main bar in front of the crowd.

Are you interested and currently bartending in the city? Fill out the form below to enter!

(please note: by applying, you are not guaranteed a spot. We will reach out if you are chosen. An information package will also be sent to you if we pick you)